Broomball - Sun.Dec.30.2012  (New Years Eve, Eve)

We've been Irish Ice Skating before for liquid-therapy.  We've even gone up to Evergreens Ice.   But this week will be the 3rd Annual Colorado Broomball Game.  I got the idea from years of playing back in Michigan, and this year we're bring the game back to Colorado again because last year  was so much fun.   

We've rented out the icerink in downtown Boulder.  Bring $10 and they will supply the brooms, balls, and goals.  You have to just bring a helmet.  (bike or ski).  No skates, we play in shoes. 

We'll warm up next door at the Johnny's Cigar Bar starting at 8pm.  They're keeping it open just for us during the game with drink specials all night.  

Finally if there is still energy we'll walk around the block to Shooters to Ride the Bull for the last time in 2012.  Ye-Haw!!!   

8:00 pm - Johnny's Cigar Bar - Drinks
1801 13th St.  
Boulder, CO

10:00 pm - One Boulder Ice Rink - Broomball
1301 Canyon
Boulder CO  80302   

11:30 pm - Shooters - Ride the Bull
Suite 190, 1801 13th Street, Boulder, CO 80302
Boulder CO  80302   

See ya there!
Jim- 303/819.0053 cell
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